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Ramadan 2021 will start on 12 April. It is the most important month for Muslims. So, Ramzan is the month of fasting, Zakat, Itikaf, and prayers. The date of the Ramadan doesn’t remain the same due to the moon circle. Also, the whole month of the Ramadan has more prayers for Muslims.

Ramadan 2021

Muslims have many religious events. So, when the moth of Ramzan starts, Muslims started fasting and more prayers. The mosques are filled with people during this month. Allah Almighty gave this month to the Muslims for praying and fasting that they can get Allah’s blessings.

Furthermore, all the men, women, young, and children of Muslims are very happy this month. After passing all fasting, they celebrate an important event Eid al Fitr. In Ramzan, all the Muslims serve to others. For example, they offer a meal to hungry people and provide things to needy people.

Here, you can know about the Ramadan 2021 prayer times. Also, you can download the Ramadan 2021 calendar Pakistan without charges. As you know, time is different in each country. Therefore, I have Ramadan 2021 Turkey, Ramadan 2021 Egypt, Saudi Arabia Ramadan 2021, and Ramadan 2021 India timetable for the Muslims.

Ramadan 2021 Images

It is the most important month for Muslims. So, they share many things to wish their dear ones and lovers on the sighted moon of Ramadan. Many people like to share photos. Therefore, I have different types of images for this purpose. Moreover, the pictures are in different languages. Let’s start talking about the kinds of Ramadan 2021 images!

Ramadan 2020 Images

Ramadan 2020 Images

Download Ramadan 2021 Images

Happy Ramadan Images 2020

Ramadan Images 2021 in English

As you know, English is a universal language and used in the entire world. By using this language, you can talk with other countries’ people. So, you can use these images to wish all your friends and lovers. The massive collection of English images for Ramadan 2021 is available below.

Ramadan Images 2020 in English

Furthermore, all the photos are in HD format. Each picture has excellent wishes for your lovers. It may be possible that you want to download the images without charges. Then, don’t need to worry. The whole collection is free of cost.

Urdu Ramadan Images 2021

Muslims are present in the entire world. So, if you have friends or lovers, which understand Urdu only, then don’t worry. Hundreds of photos in Urdu are available for Ramadan. You can use images to wish your lovers in Urdu.

Urdu Ramadan Images 2020

Moreover, some people do not have enough budget to download photos. Any person can download his favorite and preferred images without charges. Maybe, you want to share the images through social media apps. Then, it is possible on this platform.

Hindi Images For Ramadan 2021

Some Muslims understand Hindi languages only. So, if you have friends or dear ones of knowing the Hindi language, then don’t worry. Also, you should not miss your dear ones due to this problem. The reason is that I have a solution to your problems.

Hindi Images For Ramadan 2020

Thousands of Hindi images for Ramzan are available below. Also, you can download favorite pictures without paying the cost. Do you want to get HD images or photos? Then, all the pictures are in HD format. This site also provides the facility to the users to share the images through social media apps.

Ramadan Images 2021 In Arabic

Arabic is a sweet language. Also, Muslims understand this language easily. So that I have a vast collection of Arabic photos for Ramadan are present here. All Muslims can get these pictures to wish their lovers and dear ones.

Ramadan Images 2020 In Arabic

Also, the images are in HD format for the users. It may be possible that you want Arabic photos without paying the cost. Then, you have glad to know that all the images for Ramadan 2021 are free of charge. All the photos have excellent and beautiful wishes for lovers.

Ramadan 2021 Quotes

Quotes are some particular words, and they have excellent and unique meanings. Therefore, many people of Muslims like to share quotes on the upcoming Ramadan. That’s why I brought up hundreds of quotes for Ramadan. Let’s talk about the kinds of Ramadan 2021 quotes!

On Blesed Month of Ramadan’s arrival, Allah chains the satan and close all gates of Hell. Now Feel Happy and comfortable – So that nothing can stop us from praying to Allah.

‘The month of absolution, freedom from hell, mercy and blessings on your way and I pray to Almightly Allah that He enlighten your whole life with pure health and wealth’

Ramadan Quotes Images 2020

Ramadan is the month of blessings for the Muslim society which is the opportunity to nourish all the seeds of their good deeds.

The key to success is reflected in the Qur’an.
May we find blessing and guidance as we recite it altogether in the Ramadan days.
Happy Ramadan Kareem 2021!

We must master our egoism, and through this mastery, step outside ourselves and educate ourselves in giving. Fasting requires that we rediscover all that is alive around us, and reconcile ourselves with our environment.
~ Tariq Ramadan

May forgiveness be granted to you by our mighty Allah. Repent and be saved! Happy Ramadan!

Ramadan Quotes Images 2021

Some Muslims like to share quotes with images at any religious event or festival. Therefore, I have hundreds of images quotes for you. All the quotes have unique meanings and wish for dear ones. Also, all the quotes pictures for the Ramadan are in HD format.

happy Ramadan Quotes images

Maybe, you do not have enough resources to get the quotes. Then, you don’t worry because all quotes images for Ramadan 2021 are free of cost for the Muslims. If you want to share the quotes on social media apps without downloading, it is also possible.

Ramadan Quotes 2021 In English

Many people try to download the English quotes to share on events. By sharing English quotes, you can wish your all friends, lovers, dear ones, and family members. Therefore, many Ramadan quotes in English are available here.

I wish you and your family a peaceful Ramadan.
All the goodness wishes are with you.
May you continue to be a blessing to each and everyone.
Ramadan Mubarak!

The Prophet (saw) said, “When one of you is fasting, he should abstain from indecent acts and unnecessary talk, and if someone begins an obscene conversation or tries to pick an argument, he should simply tell him, ‘I am fasting’. [Bukhari & Muslim]

May Allah bring you more blessings this Ramadan
Ramadan Mubarak to you and your family.

Ramadan Quotes 2020 In English

If you want to download the HD quotes, then it is possible. Moreover, all the quotes are available free of cost. The reason is that all Muslims can wish their lovers and friends. You can share quotes on different social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

Ramadan Quotes 2021 In Arabic

As you know, many Muslims understand Arabic. If your lovers understand Arabic, then you need to get the Arabic quotes. For this purpose, I have unlimited Ramadan quotes in Arabic for Ramadan. So, don’t need to go anywhere else.

Ramadan Quotes 2020 In Arabic

Furthermore, all the quotes are in HD format that you can easily understand words, which are on quotes. If you don’t want to pay to the quotes, then you can download the favorite quotes for Ramadan 2021 for free of cost. Also, you can share quotes on social media apps without charges.

Funny Ramadan Quotes 2021

Many people want to share funny quotes on the upcoming Ramadan. Therefore, I brought up hundreds of quotes for you. The reason is that you can share with your friends and lovers to wish them. All the funny Ramadan quotes have excellent prank and jokes.

funny ramadan quotes

Normal Days

Q: When is Maghrib?

Ans: I don’t know.

In Ramadan

When is Maghrib?

Ans: 7:30 & 44 secs

Funny Ramadan Quotes 2020

Furthermore, if you want funny quotes in different languages, then you don’t need to worry. The reason is that funny quotes are available in English, Urdu, Arabic, and Hindi. Moreover, you can download any quote without charges.

Happy Funny Ramadan Quotes 2020

Ramadan 2021 Wishes

On this platform, you can get Ramadan 2021 excellent wishes for your lovers and dear ones. The Muslims can get all the wishes for free of cost in HD format. Let’s go to the types of Ramadan 2021 wishes!

Happy Ramadan Wishes 2020

On the month of Ramadan, I am wishing you four weeks of blessings, 30 days of clemency, and 720 hours of enlightenment. Happy Ramadan! 2021

After Eid-ul-fitr, may you find the utmost source of bliss and gaiety. Enjoy every purifying moment of Ramadan! Be blessed!

Ramadan Kareem 

May the Spirit of Ramadan stay in our heart and illuminate our soul from within. Happy Ramazan!

Ramadan 2020 Wishes

Ramadan Wishes 2021 in English

If you want to wish your lovers and dear ones in English, then it is also possible here. The reason is that a vast collection of Ramadan wishes in English. So, it is the best site to get the wishes in HD format that your lovers can understand words of wishes easily.

Happy Ramadan Wishes

Many Muslims want to share wishes, but they don’t have enough resources. That’s why I have free wishes for Ramadan. So, you need to arrange an internet connection, and an internet supported device. Also, you can share the wishes on various social media apps.

Happy Ramadan Wishes 2021

It is an excellent choice to share the happy Ramadan wishes with your dear ones. Therefore, thousands of happy wishes for Ramadan 2021 are available here. The total collection of wishes is present in HD format. Maybe, you want to download the wishes without paying charges. Then, it is possible on this site.

Happy Ramadan Wishes

Do Promise that this Ramadan we will try to get rid of all our bad habits. O Allah forgive us for all our previous sins.

May this Ramadan bring health, wealth and happiness in your life. Ramadan Mubarak!

Any user can share the wishes available on this site without downloading it. If you want to get happy wishes in different languages, then wishes are in Urdu, English, Arabic, and Hindi, etc. Also, wishes have various writing styles.

Ramadan Wishes 2021 in Arabic

As you know, people have different choices. So, many Muslims want Ramadan wishes in Arabic to share with friends in Arabian countries. Most users try to share the wishes of HD format. Therefore, I brought up unlimited Arabic wishes in your desired format.

نرجو أن يكون شهر رمضان مثمراً! هنا نتمنى لك الحصول على أفضل هدايا رمضان المبهجة ، هابي رمضان كريم لكم!

narju ‘an yakun shahr ramadan mthmraan! huna natamanaa lak alhusul ealaa ‘afdal hadaya ramadan almubahajat , habi ramadan karim lakam!

رمضان سعيد لجميع الإخوة والأخوات المسلمين

Furthermore, all the wishes are present for free of charge. The reason is that all Muslims can share wishes with their dear ones, lovers, and friends. If you want to share Ramadan wishes with your foreign friends through social media apps, then it is also possible.

Ramadan 2021 SMS / Messages

Text messages or other messaging services are the best choices to share your feeling and wishes with anyone. That’s why brought up the many messages for all the Muslims. Let’s talk about the different types!

May Allah always guide you all throughout your journey in your life. I wish this Ramadan will infuse you with courage. That will help you to triumphant over the adversities of life.
This is the time when the gates of hell are shut.
The devil is locked up & his work is cut.
The doors of mercy are opened up wide
& Allah’s blessings are always on your side.
(Happy Ramadan)

Ramadan Mubarak Messages 2021

All the Muslims want to say with their dear ones Ramadan Mubarak. If you say these words in a different or specific way, then you can impress your friends and lovers. Therefore, I have hundreds of beautiful and excellent Ramadan Mubarak messages that you can share to wish anyone.

Alhamdulillah, we got the Ramadan once more in our life! You know about the paramount importance of this month. Make proper utilization of these days with TAQWA, Happy Ramadan!
I wish Allah gift, you the most brightening Ramadan. I wish to Allah to fill your life with health wealth and joy.

Moreover, all the messages have different beautiful writing styles. If you want Ramadan Mubarak SMS in HD format, then it is also possible here. The fantastic thing is that you don’t need to pay to download the desired messages or SMS.

ramadan quotes 2020

Ramadan Mubarak in Urdu SMS 2021

Muslims are present over the globe. So, you have to share the Ramadan Mubarak in Urdu with those people who understand Urdu. If you think about getting SMS in Urdu, then don’t need to worry. I have a massive collection for you.

Ramadan Mubarak in Urdu SMS 2020

I pray this Ramadan to be kind and generous, May, the Blessings, and Forgiveness from Allah finds you, May he bless you with love and mercy. Ramadan Kareem Wishes.

Ramadan Mubarak in Urdu SMS

May this Ramadan enlighten you, explain your understandings and judgments between rights and wrongs, Between the truth and the false, Wishing you a Happy Ramadan 2021.

All the Urdu messages are in HD format and various writing styles. You may want to download messages or SMS without charges. So, you have glad to know that all the messages are available free of cost. Also, you can share any SMS on social media apps.

Ramadan Mubarak in Urdu

Check Complete Post:- Ramadan Wishes in Urdu & Hindi

Ramadan Mubarak SMS 2021 in English

English SMS for Ramadan Mubarak is available on this platform. Moreover, all the messages are in HD format that you can easily understand. The messages to SMS are in different writing styles that put a good impression.

Ramadan Mubarak SMS 2020

If you want to download the SMS for free due to the financial problem, then it is possible. All the Ramadan Mubarak messages are free of cost. Also, this site allows sharing the SMS on different social media apps without downloading.

Why Allah Gave This Holy Month?

Islam teaches us to serve others, give donations, and care for hungry and needy people. Also, Islam orders us to justice. So, all the Muslims avoid hearting another person. As you know, the people of Islam don’t eat or drink anything the whole day. In this way, you can understand the situation of hungry people.

Holy Month ramadan 2020

Muslims can get forgiveness for their sins from Allah in Ramadan. So, the reason is that Allah more blessings on His people in this month. As compared to other months, Ramadan has more advantages for goodness. For example, when the Muslims do goodness in this month, seventy times reward is available for them.

Ramadan History And Obligation

As you know, Muslims are present in the entire world. So, they know about the different names of this month. For example, Ramadan is also known as Ramzan, Ramathan, and Ramadhan, etc. The words Ramadan comes from “Ramida,” which is an Arabic word. And it’s roughly meaning is “Scorching Heat.”

When the Muslims were migrating from Makah to Medina in the second year of Hijri, fasting was compulsory on Muslims. But, some are free from fasting. For example, traveler, aged, pregnant, diabetic, chronically ill, menstruating, or breastfeeding are not allowed to fasting.

The children of the Muslims are very excited about this month. Many children start fasting before their adulating age. So, it is good practicing for fasting later. You also want to get the unlimited blessings from Allah by praying and fasting.

Ramadan Practicing And Blessings

The whole month of Ramadan is for prayer practices according to the well-knowledged Muslims. All the people in Islam fully try to fast during this month. Also, they offer prayers five times a day. In fact, this month comes to make a routine for prayers of Muslims.

Ramadan Practicing And Blessings

As of the scholars, Muslims should give more donations and help needy people. The reason is that Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islam calendar. Allah Almighty prefers the goodness of this month than others. Recite the Holy Quran in Ramzan was liked so much by Allah.

Moreover, it is the month that when the Holy Quran was completed on Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW). Muslims avoid everything for drinking and eating the entire day. Even they avoid negative emotions like anger. Also, they improve that they are perfect Muslims.

How To Fast?

Want to know the process to fast? That’s good. The Muslims early get up Fajar prayer and eat a meal. Then, men go to the mosque and offer a prayer together and recite the Holy Quran. Also, women offer prayer at their homes and recite the Quran.

Furthermore, all the Muslims busy in their works. When the sun sets, the announcement is to be done in each street, bazaars, and mosque to allow the drinking and eating. It means the time of fast is from dawn to dusk.

Ramadan 2020

It doesn’t matter that which is the season. Either winter or summer, the Muslims don’t leave fasting and prayers in this great month. As I stated, the rewards of goodness increase in Ramadan. So, many people arrange food for the poor. So that, they can also have fast and gather blessings like other Muslims.

All Muslims know that they can get more rewards this month. Also, Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW) said some beautiful words about the Ramadan. So, you can read these words below!

“When Ramadan arrives, the gates of Paradise are opened, and the gates of hell are locked up, and devils are put in chains.”(Sahih al-Bukhari 1899)

Do you know the name of particular times of eating and drinking in Ramzan? When the Muslims keep the fast, it is Saher, and when they eat after sunset, it is Iftar. Between the period of both times is a period of fast.

What is Lailat Ul Qadir?

In this month, Allah Almighty gives many rewards to the Muslims. The most important and biggest reward in Ramadan is Lailat UL Qadir, which is a word of Arabic. Its meaning is the greatest night in Islamic Year. Also, it comes in the last ten days of Ramadan.

If any Muslim offers Nawafil, recite the Quran, or pray to Allah, then he gets more rewards than a thousand night of Ibadat. Moreover, Allah forgives the entire sins of Muslims. As you know, Ramadan 2021 is coming soon. Therefore, you have to offer prayer, Nawafil, and recite the Holy Quran in this great night.

What is Nightly Prayer (Tarawih)?

The nightly prayer in the Ramadan is Tarawih. All the Muslims go to the mosque to offer prayer Isha. And after Isha, they offer twenty Rak’aats, which are called Tarawih. You can say that it is an extra reward in Ramadan for Muslims. Muslims also fully try to get this reward. That’s why the mosques are filled with Muslims in this great month.

Want To Know About Itikaf?

Itikaf is the specific Ibadit for the people. It means the Muslims live alone in a mosque or home to worship for Allah. So, they start Itikaf from 20th Fast to the sighted moon of Shawwal. In this great Ibadit, men and women participate.

Tarawih in ramadan 2020

Men go to the mosque mostly for Itikaf. Also, the Muslims women make a separate room or place for Itikaf. All the Muslims should know about this Ibadit. As you know, children are very excited about it.

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Ramadan 2021 Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

  • How Long Is Ramadan 2021?

Ramadan Mubarak is coming soon with a lot of blessings for the Muslims. In 2021, Ramzan is starting from 12 April to 12 May. The total days of Ramadan are 29, 30.

  • Can Ramadan Be In The Winter?

Yes, it is also possible. Now, Ramadan is coming in summer, but after some years it will go to winter. It is due to the moon circle.

  • Can You Drink Water During Ramadan?

During the fast, Muslims don’t drink water or anything else. They can drink water at the time of Sehri and after Iftar. Even any person is not allowed to drink or eat something openly in Ramadan.

  • What religion Celebrates Ramadan?

Ramadan is the month of self-improvement, spiritual reflection, and worship. Also, it is the golden chance for Muslims to get forgiveness from Allah on their sins. The reason is that Allah Almighty offers more blessings and rewards in this month.

  • How Is Ramadan Determined?

Ramzan is the ninth month of Islam, which starts from the recently sighted moon. Also, the Islamic Year has 12 months, like other years.

  • Can You Brush Your Teeth During Ramadan?

Now, you can’t brush your teeth during Ramadan. The reason is that you can swallow water by doing. If you want to brush, then you have to do this task before Fajar prayer and after Magrib prayer.

  • Can Muslims Kiss During Ramadan?

So, the Muslims can drink, eat, kiss, or any sexual relation in Ramadan, but not during the fasting time.

  • Is Ramadan Fasting Healthy?

According to most studies, fast creates a few problems in health. For example, practicing Muslims feel hydrating during the fast. It is not clear whether they are chronically hydrating.  

  • What Is The Purpose Of Ramadan?

As of the Scholars, Ramadan is the month of practicing and obligations. All the Muslims make their routine easily for prayers, recite the Holy Quran, and eating or drink something during the Ramadan. Also, the Muslims pray to forgiveness from their Allah, Who is one.

  • What Is The Last Friday Of Ramadan Called?

The last Friday of the Ramzan is Jumu’atul-Wadaa’. Friday is the greatest day of all the other days. So, the Muslims do more Ibadat on Friday in Ramadan.

Final Thoughts

Ramadan 2021 is an important and particular month for the Muslims. Also, Allah Almighty offers more blessings to Muslims. You can say that it is the golden chance for the Muslims to close their Allah.

So, you have got history, images, quotes, and messages for Ramadan 2021. Therefore, you should not miss to your friends or lovers to wish them. If you want more details about this month, then reply to me.

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