Top 07 Healthy Tips For Ramadan Complete Guides 2020

07 Healthy Tips for Ramadan 2020

Healthy Tips For Ramadan 2020 Many Muslims are following the lunar calendar due to their religious perspective. They observe fast in the 9th month of the lunar calendar which is called Ramadan-ul-Karim. During the whole month of Ramadan, Muslims observe fast, they do not eat anything after Fajar Salat till Maghrib Salaat. They eat something before Fajar Salat this is called Suhoor then they eat when the sun goes down and this is called Aftaar. There is a big gap between Suhoor and Iftar. People normally take light things at the time of Suhoor but on the Aftaar they eat heavy things, this may get their diet upset.

People cover their Aftaar table with different tastes and different kinds of food. These things are sometimes non-healthy and full of over minerals.

Top 07 Healthy Tips For Ramadan Complete Guides 2019

Tips For a Healthy Ramadan

As we know that a healthy diet is very important for us and it makes our day calm and active. During the holy month of Ramadan, a balanced diet is important because the meal restocks energy level and helps to endure our fast during a day. We have to make an extra effort while consuming the right foods to fulfill our body needs.

In order to do this, Ramadan is an opportunity for nurturing good habits of eating in you by the end of this blessed month.

Here Are Some Food Suggestions for this Ramadan for you

Best Healthy Food For Ramadan List

  • 1.Suhoor
  • 2.Iftar 

In the Suhoor/Iftar you Should take

1. Suhoor2. Iftar
1. A low-fat food and citrus fruits.1. You should take baked chicken with vegetables and chickpeas.
2. Vegetable soup like carrot, onion, celery, etc2. You should take baked fish along with roasted vegetables and brown rice.
3. You can use freshly chopped vegetables as well3. Different types of salads, pita bread and fiber contain foods that are evenly essential.

In this article we have put together some Ramadan healthy eating tips, if you follow these tips then you never will feel unhealthy.

Healthy Eating Tips During Ramadan:-

These Ramadan healthy tips make your whole year healthy and safe. Let us discuss them in detail so that you can stay healthy throughout the year:

Ramadan healthy eating tips

  • 1.0 Hydrate your Body first with Plenty of fluids:-

By the time of Aftaar and Suhoor, you should hydrate your body first and then eat something. You should drink fluids like water, fresh juices, milk, and other fluids. These things will save your body from dehydration and fulfill the needs of your body of essential fluids. Drinking 1 to 2 glass of water before eating something make your digestion process strong and proper.

By Aftaar time, you should drink plenty of fluids so that your body remains safe from dehydration. You should take fresh juices which contain calories, sugar, and other minerals and then you will be able to do other bodily functions.

Hydrate your body

As we know that in this year Ramadan is coming in high-temperature season and you know that in summer human body consumes plenty of water. Due to the release of sweat from our body, it reduces the level of water and then the danger of dehydration increases.

You must drink at least 8 glasses of water, including juices before dawn and after sundown. You should try to simply avoid caffeinated drinks like tea, coffee, and colas because these promote fluid loss. So, avoid such things especially during Ramadan which have diuretic effects.

In Ramadan, when you will be using these healthy drinks then these drinks will fulfill the sugar and calories of your body.

Healthy Diet Tips For Ramadan

  • 2.0 Use of Dates in Ramadan:-

As we know that the food items having high sugar levels in them, quickly get absorbed into our bloodstream. These items are used to get instant energy when you are exhausted and suffering from low blood sugar.

But it does not mean that you have to take chocolates, sweets, desserts and other items rich in sugar. But during Ramadan eating dates is essential, you should keep one thing in your mind while consuming dates that you must not have them in heavy amounts daily. As we are aware of the fact that excessive use of anything is not beneficial for health, so you ought to be careful about this thing this Ramadan.

healthy diet tips for ramadan

Muslims use dates by the start of the iftar meal because dates are full of a healthy burst of sugar and dates also fuel the body of a person. Dates are known as the fineness source of fiber. Taking dates in Suhoor is also best for your body.

Use of Dates in Ramadan

If you feel like you are suffering from a headache at the end of the fast, it could have caused by low blood sugar, so you should take 2 or 3 dates with your aftaar, as it will help you get the blood sugar normal instantly.

Tips for Healthy Fasting During Ramadan

  • 3.0 Have Soup as Essential:-

Dehydration is a dangerous state of body and it may lead you to death. Dehydration is the common problem of most people who are observing fast in warm areas. You should not worry as we will tell you how you can avoid getting dehydrated this Ramadan.

You can easily protect yourself from dehydration just by using fluids. As we know that this Ramadan is coming in summer and the dehydration problem is in peek during summer. In this coming Ramadan, you should add fluids in your Aftaar and Suhoor menu which is going to be quite helpful for you in order to fight dehydration.

Tips for Healthy Fasting During Ramadan

As I mentioned that juices and water are going to be perfect for you, there is one other thing which can protect you from dehydration and gives you energy and other minerals as well. Yes, I am talking about soup!

Soup is a delicious and healthy dish in iftar menu. You should use vegetable soup and you should avoid cream-based soup. Vegetable soup is rich with fibers and water, which may give instant energy to our body after breaking the fast. Vegetable and corn soup is a complete dish for making your body active and back to normal.

In summer, we cannot use hot soup, so you can enjoy Gazpachos and cold soups, these are good alternatives for hot soup.

Healthy Tips During Ramadan

  • 4.0 Use Green Vegetables:-

Eating greens are very important for an active and vibrant body!

Healthy Tips During Ramadan

Vegetables have minerals, fiber, vitamins, and many other useful nutrients. Vegetables are very important for making a healthy diet and maintaining your body in Ramadan. You should take vegetable as essentials in your meal especially in Ramadan when you need more nutrients.

Baked and half cooked vegetables with less oil have the ability to make your body active and fresh. It is a fact that for a healthy mind and body, green vegetables are known to play an essential role.

In the Ramadan diet plan, one should add greens in Aftaar table. It is said that more colorful salad, holds more health benefits.

Make sure that in your Aftaar menu you should have half-cooked or baked vegetables. You can add greens as a raw form for the freshness of your eyes, brain and for finest blood circulation.

If you did not use vegetables before, this summer Ramadan, you have to add these vegetables, especially green vegetables in your iftar menu.

Healthy Tips for Ramadan Fasting

  • 5.0 Add Seasonal Fruits:-

Fruits are also important for our bodies, especially fresh fruits. Different fruits have different minerals so all fruits are equally essential for our body.

Healthy Tips for Ramadan Fasting

All seasons are having own fruits, so it is easy to get fresh seasonal fruits from the market. Keep one thing in mind that you must take seasonal fruits always.

We talk about Ramadan, then without fruit and Aftaar meal looks incomplete because fruits are important to take during Aftaar. Then you should complete your Aftaar table with seasonal fruits.

You can use fruits in different forms during Ramadan. You can eat it simply but if you do not want to eat like this then you can other methods. You can cut fruits in different sizes and mix them with cream.

As the cream is heavy and you cannot eat cream then you should mix fruit simply and eat that mixture. You can make a milkshake for your Suhoor and Aftaar as well.

tips for staying healthy in ramadan

In this summer Ramadan you should use fresh juices of fresh seasonal fruits. In the summer season, you may find mango, apple, watermelon, melon, banana, dates, grapes, and lychee, etc.

In this summer you can use watermelon as prevention to dehydration and banana for instant energy because bananas are rich in protein, dietary fiber, and potassium. Potassium regulates the movement of nutrients and maintains fluid in the body, so bananas are important for people fasting.

Tips For Staying Healthy in Ramadan

  • 6.0 Maintain Carbohydrates:-

You should maintain your Aftaar table with the source of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are essential for maintaining the body when you are fasting the whole day. But the question is what kind of food items contain carbohydrates? If you do not know then do not worry I am here to tell you!

Rice, bread, grains, potatoes, etc. are the prime source of carbohydrates.

tips for staying healthy in ramadan

You can add these carbohydrates containing items in your iftar meal to get fiber and minerals. You can use brown rice with vegetables and chicken. Bake or boiled potatoes with beans and bread.

Other than that you can get crabs in milk, yogurt, corns, cereals, and fruit juices.

Crabs help in the digestion process and also in breaking down the food in glucose form before entering the bloodstream.

So, you should add crabs in different forms daily in your iftar meal.

  • 7.0 Going Slow:

Whenever you are eating in Suhoor and iftar, you should not be in a hurry to finish it, rather you should eat it gradually.

As you know that you will be deprived of eating from Fajar to Maghrib and you must not overload your body with food. If you do this then it will lead to gastric problems and indigestion, which is of course not good for your health.

For More:- Important Facts About Ramadan and Fasting

You should go for a light Aftaar and try to eat slowly, you should pay more attention to getting yourself hydrated in Aftaar. If you want to prevent weight gain and want to stay healthy then you should eat a balanced portion in Suhoor and iftar.

Healthy Tips For Ramadan

Also, you should avoid foods that are containing high sugar, salt, and fat levels. You should try to stay away from eating unhealthy things and heavy meals. You can make the favorite Ramadan recipes without frying, rather you can do it by grilling, steaming, roasting, baking and stewing. In this way, you can make Ramadan meals healthier and beneficial for your well-being.

Also, you can add spices and herbs instead of adding the salt to the meals. Moreover, you should replace all the artificial sweeteners from your meals and go with the fruits having natural sugar in them.


So, this was all about the healthy tips you ought to maintain during this Ramadan, in order to stay healthy. You must follow all the above-mentioned tips so that you can observe the fasts without any hassle, this Ramadan and you will not end up in gaining some extra pounds or losing some. Both the cases are not good for your health overall, so you should take care of the little things during this Ramadan.

When you will follow all the above-mentioned tips, you will enjoy observing fasts the whole month of Ramadan and also you will gain a lot of good health.

Try to follow all the tips in order to stay healthy this Ramadan and if you have any suggestions for the people like you, then you can tell us in the comments section below and help the other people around.

Additional Fact:

You might not be aware of this astounding fact here, that the recent research tells, in order to stay healthy the whole year, one should follow the same pattern one month in the year, the pattern we follow in Ramadan.

You should make the most out of this blessed month that we have got as Muslims, so you should take it the way the researchers tell us. If you will follow the holy month of Ramadan like this, then you will enjoy the benefits this month has to offer us.

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