Some Important Dates in Ramadan 2020

Some Important Dates in Ramadan 2020

Important Dates in Ramadan In the lunar calendar, Muslims believe that the Ramadan Kareem 2020  is one of the holiest months of all the months. They believe that Allah Almighty shower His countless blessings, mercy, and kindness upon a person. Forgetting these blessings people have to spend this holy month according to His orders.

Some Important Dates in Ramadan 2019

Allah Almighty rewarded us this month for apologizing, regretting our bad acts and He the most Merciful Lord grant us unlimited Barkat, opportunities, and blessings this month.

Important Dates of Ramadan

Allah told us already that how can we spend this month as a Muslim. Each and everything is clear for us in Quran Pak and we can also take help from Ahadith.

The whole month of Ramadan is considered as a blessing for us, you can get benefits in this month for this world and hereafter as well. You can say this month is a great opportunity for sinners to apologize and get forgiveness. This is up to you that how much forgiveness, kindness, and blessing you can get in this holy month.

In this month, Muslims observe fasts in the decided hours. But this month is just not about fasting and worship, it is the second pillar of Islam as well. There are some important dates in Ramadan, you must have knowledge about these dates as well.

We should perform prayers, wazaif, Dhikr, Salawat, recite Quran Pak and attempt other ways of worship. It is necessary for us to take a lesson from the lightened examples of blessed individuals and memorable events.

There are many important dates in Ramadan which are related to some specific facts. In this article, we will discuss some of these for your acknowledgment.

Let me tell you about some important dates of Ramadan and we will also check the important dates during Ramadan 2020:-

important dates during Ramadan 2019

Key Dates During Ramadan

Importance of 3rd Ramadan:-

  • 3rd Ramadan is a very important date for the Muslims because, on this date youngest and beloved daughter of Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH), Sayyidah Fatima-tu-Zahra left this mortal world. She left this world right after six months of His Father.

As all of us know that Hazrat Fatima was the wife of Hazrat Ali ibn Abi Talib and mother of Hazrat Imam Hassan (RA) and Hazrat Imam Hussain (RA). We, as a Muslim believe that she is the leader of ladies in Jannah.

She has major contributions in rising Islam, spent a very difficult life and never complained about it to her Father (PBUH). Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) knew about her struggling lifestyle so He (PBUH) suggested Her (RA) a special wazifa. Now all Muslim women follow this wazifa in their daily life and commonly recite this after every Salaah. You can recite it by day and night, whenever you want.

In this year 2020 Ramadan is coming in summer and as we know that the summer days are longer than nights. So, in this Ramadan, you will observe fast for 16 to 17 hours.

  • In this year the 3rd Ramadan may be on 8th May, if Ramadan will start on 6th May.

Importance of 3rd Ramadan

Significance 10th Ramadan:-

  • The first wife of Holy Prophet (PBUH), Sayyidah Khadijatul Khubra (Radhi-Allah-Anha) left the temporal world on 10th of Ramadan. She was not only the first lady who accepted Islam, but she also has contributed a lot in the way of Islam. She married the Holy Prophet (PBUH) at the age of 40 when He was just 25 years old.

She was a wealthy businesswoman and was inspired by the honesty and dignity of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH). She sacrificed all of her wealth for the sake of Allah and the growth of Islam.

She always lived and stayed with Her Husband (PBUH) in every thick and thin. She was blessed with four daughters and three sons but all of their sons passed away at their early childhood. Her daughter’s names are Sayyidah Zainab, Sayyidah Ruqayyah, Sayyidah Um-e-Kulsoom, and Sayyidah Fatima-tu- Zahra (Radhi Allah Anha).

She was the best wife, the perfect companion, devoted friend and great counselor of Holy Prophet (PBUH).  She stood with Him (PBUH) till the last day of her life in all trails and hurdles they faced during the life of Makkah.

If we talk about the greatest women of Islam then she is one of the four greatest women in the history of Islam along with Sayyidah Aasiya (wife of the Pharaoh), Sayyidah Maryam bint Imran (mother of Essah) and her beloved daughter Sayyidah  Fatima az Zahraa (RA).

  • She left this temporary world before the miracle of Isra and Miraj and that was the saddest day ever for the Holy Prophet (PBUH) ever.

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Significance 10th Ramadan

This important date during Ramadan 2020 will come on 24 April 2020

Blessed day, 15th Ramadan:-

  • As we know that the whole month of Ramadan is a blessing and opportunity for us to get the mercy and forgiveness of our mistakes from Allah Almighty.

The 15th day of the Ramadan has its special history, on this day Hazrat Fatima-tu-Zahra and Hazrat Ali (RA) were blessed with a baby boy, their eldest son, Sayyiduna Imaam Hassan ibn Ali (AS), in 3rd Hijri. He was born in Madina-tul-Munawar.

The narrator writes that He was extremely handsome with great resemblance to the Holy Prophet and the Last Messenger Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH).

The companions of Holy Prophet (PBUH) would go to Hazrat Hassan (RA) and see Him when they wanted to see Holy Prophet (PBUH) after His wisal.

He got the Khilafat after the martyrdom of Hazrat Ali (RA) and then handed it to Hazrat Amir Muawiya (Radi Allah Anhu) as per the instructions of Holy Prophet (PBUH).

He performed Hajj 25 times and got the honor of Martyrdom (Shahadat).

This year the birth date of 15th Ramadan Hazrat Hassan (RA) will be on 14th May 2020 its all depend on the moon circle.

15th Ramadan Hazrat Hassan (RA)

Importance of 17th Ramadan:-

  • In Islamic history 17th Ramadan is known for different events. On this day different occasions were observed in different Hijri’s. There are more than one events and incidents which are remarkable and memorable.

Let me explain some facts about 17th Ramadan from history:

  • The day of Victory of Badar:-

The first battle between Huq and batil was fought on 17th Ramadan, second Hijri. This epic battle took place in this blessed month and is known to have the most important place in the history of Islam.

This was the first battle where people were fighting with their beloved Prophet just for the sake of their utter belief and Imaan. In this battle, fathers were fighting against their sons, same like this all blood relations were fighting against each other.

In this battle, Muslims got special help from Almighty Allah and won this battle with only three hundred thirteen As’haab against 1000 kuffar.

In this battle, 14 Muslims were martyred and 72 kuffar were killed. 72 kuffar became prisoners and the penalty of their independence was decided that each of them would teach 1o, 1o Muslims children.

Muslims won this battle with the visible and invisible help of Almighty Allah.

most important place in the history of Islam

  • Shahadat of Hazrat Ali (RA)

Hazrat Ali (RA) was first cousin and son in law of Holy Prophet (PBUH). He was born inside the Holy Kaaba and Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) said: “I am the city of knowledge and Ali is its gate”.

He was the first child who accepted Islam in the early age. He was a devoted and honest child and one of the beloved persons of Holy Prophet (PBUH).

When huzoor-e-Aqdas (SAW) decided to left Makkah according to the will of Allah Almighty, He (PBUH) asked Hazrat Ali (RA) to lay down on His (SAW) bed and he can come by the morning after returning the things of Ehl-e-Makkah.

He was selected by Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) as the fourth Khalifah of Muslims. He had the needed and unlimited knowledge, His predecessors consulted him an injustice and he was the only one to consider in any confused situation. He did His duty with full of honesty and devotion.

But sadly His era was over when He was martyred as a result of the attack by Kharijites on 17th Ramadan.

  • Wisaal of Sayyidah Ayesha Siddiqa (RA)

Hazrat Ayesha Siddiqa was the youngest wife of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH). Hazrat Ayesha Saddiqa was the youngest daughter of the beloved companion of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH), Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique.

She was near to His (SAW) heart. During the last days of the Holy Prophet (PBUH)’s life, he would like to stay with Her (RA). Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) made Hijrat from this mortal world to the real world in Her (RA) lap.

Wisaal of Sayyidah Ayesha Siddiqa (RA)

She was one of the intelligent and accomplished ladies in Islamic history. She spent more time with Her (RA) beloved Husband (SAW) and got knowledge more than all the other wives. She solved the problems of women and issues according to the orders and saying of Allah and His Prophet (SAW).

After the wisal of her Husband, our beloved Prophet (SAW), all the people consulted Her (RA). There are many Ahadith which are narrated to Her (RA) and they are known to be above than two thousand. During the 58th year of Hijri on 17th Ramadan-ul-Kareem, She (RA) left this world.

These three occasions are related to the 17th Ramadan, two are sad and one is related to the victory.

17th Ramadan will come on 22nd May

Why Are Dates Important in Ramadan

20th Ramadan of the 8th Year of the Hijri the Biggest Day of Islamic History:-

  • Victorious Re-entry into Mecca,

Most of the people already know that what I am talking about, if you did not get my point then do not worry, I would like to tell you about this great day with immense honor.

Yes, I am talking about the greatest and unforgotten day of Islamic History, the day of “Fateh-e-Makkah. Yes, As’haab entered as the victory warriors under the leadership of Holy Prophet (PBUH) in Makkah.

Holy Prophet (SAW) entered Makkah-tul-Mukarramah along with His (PBUH) 124,000 companions and got the victory as Allah Almighty promised.

At the moment of this great and remarkable history of the believers of Islam, the kufaar-e-Makkah were presented as the criminals in front of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). They were involved in the killings of innocent companions and family members of Holy Prophet (PBUH), boycotting and torturing the innocent believers of Islam.

20th Ramadan on 25th may

Rehmat-ul-Alameen (SAW) granted freedom to all of them and forgave them for their evil deeds. Those who were doubtful about their lives, He saved them in the shelter at the house of Abu Sufyan.

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Holy Prophet (SAW) created a great example of forgiveness and mercy by forgiving all the sinners and enemies.

From 20th Ramadan, 8th Hijri Muslims are performing their prayers and worships in Makkah, especially in Kabaah, independently. They perform Hajj every year and Umrah when they want throughout the year.

This year on 15th May 2020, this great day will come.

While talking about all the important happenings in the holy month of Ramadan, how can we forget the most important happening? The Revelation of the Holy book, Quran!

Some Important Dates of Holy Month Ramadan

Important Dates and Events in Ramadan

  • The Revelation of the Holy Quran:-

We all are aware of this fact that the revelation of the Holy Quran was completed in this blessed month. We know that the Quran was revealed for the guidance of mankind!

We have this explanation by Imaan Ibn Kathir, that, Allah praised Ramadan among the other months, as this month was chosen among all the other months in which the Quran was revealed.

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So, now we are aware of the importance of this month in Islamic History and how this month is dear to Allah and the Prophet (SAW).


These are some common dates of history during the holy month of Ramadan. Hope you now have a lot of information about the important dates of Ramadan and you have got some very useful information from this article.

All you have to do is to seek forgiveness from Allah in this holy month!

Moreover, if you know more about the important dates in Ramadan then you can share in the comments section below. We will appreciate your effort that you will add more to our knowledge!

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