Oman Ramadan Timetable 2020 (Calendar Sehr & Iftar Timing)

Oman Ramadan Timetable 2020 the month of Ramadan comes nearly every year, all the citizens of the country want to know the timetable and whole schedule of Ramadan in the ambit of their own country. If you don’t know already then here is the fact that Ramadan does not come the same day in the whole world, there is a time or even a day or few days difference depending upon the area you live in.

Oman Ramadan Timetable

Due to which every country announces the holy month of Ramadan according to the moon sighting in their respective areas. Ramadan’s time table is never announced without the moon sighting, it is the basic procedure to follow in order to announce Ramadan’s month. There is no doubt that everybody is eagerly waiting for the holy month of Ramadan. Same as that the people living in Oman want to know the Oman Ramadan time table 2020 more than anything.

Musket Oman Ramadan Timetable 2020

1Sun 06 May04:04 AM6:37 PM
2Mon 07 May04:03 AM6:38 PM
3Tue 08 May04:02 AM6:38 PM
4Wed 09 May04:01 AM6:39 PM
5Thu 10 May04:01 AM6:39 PM
6Fri 11 May04:00 AM6:39 PM
7Sat 12 May03:59 AM6:40 PM
8Sun 13 May03:58 AM6:40 PM
9Mon 14 May03:58 AM6:41 PM
10Tue 15 May03:57 AM6:41 PM
11Wed 16 May03:56 AM6:42 PM
12Thu 17 May03:56 AM6:42 PM
13Fri 18 May03:55 AM6:43 PM
14Sat 19 May03:55 AM6:43 PM
15Sun 20 May03:54 AM6:44 PM
16Mon 21 May03:53 AM6:44 PM
17Tue 22 May03:53 AM6:45 PM
18Wed 23 May03:52 AM6:45 PM
19Thu 24 May03:52 AM6:46 PM
20Fri 25 May03:51 AM6:46 PM
21Sat 26 May03:51 AM6:47 PM
22Sun 27 May03:51 AM6:47 PM
23Mon 28 May03:50 AM6:48 PM
24Tue 29 May03:50 AM6:48 PM
25Wed 30 May03:49 AM6:48 PM
26Thu 31 May03:49 AM6:49 PM
27Fri 01 June03:49 AM6:49 PM
28Sat 02 June03:49 AM6:50 PM
29Sun 03 June03:48 AM6:50 PM
30Mon 04 June03:48 AM6:51 PM

The reason why people want to know about it beforehand is that they want to prepare for it. The thing about Oman is that the rules and regulations are so strictly followed in Ramadan that both the Muslims and non-Muslims have to follow them and there are penalties if you do not.

According to the moon sighting in Oman and the date that has been announced accordingly is the May 17, which is Thursday in the calendar is the first fasting day of Ramadan there which means the 1st Ramadan of 1st ashra.

The statement and announcement were done by the Main Committee of New Moon sighting at the Ministry of Endowments and religious affairs. In case you are a citizen of Oman you have to follow the Oman Ramadan timetable 2020 even if you are not a Muslim or in case you are fasting, the reason behind this is the strictness in the month imposed by the sultanate.

Here are a few rules and regulations that you have to follow in the holy month of Ramadan in case you are residing in Oman. The rules and regulations of Oman for the Ramadan are as follows:-

The laws binding on Citizens during Ramadan:

We are here talking in the context of the Sultanate Penal code that consists of all the laws, remedies and penalties as the award of violation of the law. It states that eating and drinking in the month of Ramadan is strictly prohibited, in the public areas. This means that if you are found breaching this rule anywhere in the public you will be penalized.

You will have to face the punishment for it, you cannot give the excuse that you were not aware of this law. You have to follow these instructions strictly in the month of Ramadan while you are residing in the city of Ramadan. This is the reason that all the Muslims and non-Muslims are concerned about when is Ramadan in Oman that they get prepared for it beforehand.

Musket Oman Ramadan Timetable 2019

It is obviously difficult to manage not eating and drinking in the public areas especially when you are a non-Muslim. But, according to Article 277 of the Sultanate Penal code both the Muslims and non-Muslim residing in the ambit of Oman have to follow the same conduct in the holy month of Ramadan.

Penalties of not following the law

If we talk about the violation of rule and conduct settled by the Sultanate Penal code in the holy monthly Ramadan then one must not think that they will get away with it with making an excuse that either they didn’t know the law or they are non-Muslims. Because this is not the case, you have to be aware of the law and the penalties created by it.

  • According to the penal code of the Sultanate, there is define imprisonment for the law violation in the holy month of Ramadan. According to which a person who is find eating or drinking at the public places while the fast time is going on, or any person who is seen breaking his fast at the public places would be imprisoned for days prescribed.

If we talk about the term of imprisonment in case of violation then that defined as not less than ten days, and not more than 3 months. If you are thinking that while residing in Oman you can get away with this violation by paying a fine as a penalty then you might be in trouble because there is no such penalty prescribed in the penal code.

You will have to face the imprisonment as this is the legal punishment that is defined.

Doubts about the laws in Ramadan

There are a lot of questions and counts about these rules and regulations that are made to be followed in the context of the Sultanate Penal code. People have doubts about how they are going to define the ambit and context of public places. Along with that is that fair to apply it to the Muslim and non-Muslims that are living in the Sultanate.

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There are many other doubts that are created by this practice Is that’s what if someone is sick and has no other option rather than breaking the fast. These are the common doubts that can emerge in anyone’s mind who is living in Oman and they might be concerned about when is Ramadan in Oman.

Further details on Oman Ramadan timetable and Rules

If you are thinking that you might be able to sit and eat, drink peacefully in your car then you are wrong. Because regardless of the month of Ramadan it is a law in the Sultanate of Oman that people who are driving are prohibited by law to eat and drink.

In order words if you are driving a car you cannot drink or eat, this is a law that is to be ensured for the protection of safe driving and it applicable throughout the year. When the car is parked and you might think that you are not driving anymore so you are able to drink and eat.

You are not, because as far as one can see into the car and will find you eating and drinking in the fasting hours you will have to face the penalty.

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