Ramadan Calendar 2020 – Download Calendar in English, Urdu, Arabic

Want to get the Ramadan Calendar 2020? That’s great. Muslims can download the calendar for the upcoming Ramadan on this platform. If you think about the language problem, then don’t worry.

The reason is that we have a calendar in many languages like Urdu, English, and Arabic. Also, don’ need to worry about the cost because all the Muslims can download the calendar free of charge.

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Ramadan Calendar 2020

As you know, Ramadan is coming soon for the Muslims with a lot of blessings and offers. Also, the starting date of the upcoming Ramadan is 24th April. Since the Islamic month days are 29 or 30, so the date may vary.

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Muslims offer more prayers and recite the Holy Quran in this month. Do you know why? So, the reason is that the reward of goodness increases in Ramadan. They offer an extra prayer after the Isha named Namaz-e-Tarawih. Also, some Muslims do Itqaf for the last ten days of this month.

Ramadan Calendar 2020 Pakistan

As you know, Pakistan is an Islamic country. Also, the Muslims of this state are excited about the upcoming Ramadan. If you are Pakistani and want to download the calendar for Ramadan 2020, then don’t worry. So, we have a calendar in HD format for Pakistan and its different cities like Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, and other cities.

Date Day Sehar TimeIftar Time
1st Ramadan, 1441

(24 April, 2020)

Friday03:56 AM6:47 PM
2nd Ramadan, 1441

(25 April, 2020)

Saturday03:54 AM6:48 PM
3rd Ramadan, 1441

(26 April, 2020)

Sunday03:53 AM6:48 PM
4th Ramadan, 1441

(27 April, 2020)

Monday03:52 AM6:49 PM
5th Ramadan, 1441

(28 April, 2020)

Tuesday03:50 AM6:50 PM
6th Ramadan, 1441

(29 April, 2020)

Wednesday03:49 AM6:51 PM
7th Ramadan, 1441

(30 April, 2020)

Thursday03:48 AM6:51 PM
8th Ramadan, 1441

(01 May, 2020)

Friday03:46 AM6:52 PM
9th Ramadan, 1441

(02 May,2020)

Saturday03:45 AM6:53 PM
10th Ramadan, 1441

(03 May, 2020)

Sunday03:44 AM6:54 PM
11Ramadan, 1441

(04 May, 2020)

Monday03:42 AM6:54 PM
12 Ramadan, 1441

(05 May, 2020)

Tuesday03:41 AM6:55 PM
13 Ramadan, 1441

(06 May, 2020)

Wednesday03:40 AM6:56 PM
14 Ramadan, 1441

(07 May, 2020)

Thursday03:39 AM6:57 PM
15 Ramadan, 1441

(08 May, 2020)

Friday03:37 AM6:57 PM
16 Ramadan, 1441

(09 May, 2020)

Saturday03:36 AM6:58 PM
17 Ramadan, 1441

(10 May, 2020)

Sunday03:35 AM6:59 PM
18 Ramadan, 1441

(11 May, 2020)

Monday03:34 AM7:00 PM
19 Ramadan, 1441

(12 May, 2020)

Tuesday03:33 AM7:01 PM
20 Ramadan, 1441

(12 May, 2020)

Wednesday03:32 AM7:01 PM
21 Ramadan, 1441

(14 May, 2020)

Thursday03:31 AM7:02 PM
22 Ramadan, 1441

(15 May, 2020)

Friday03:30 AM7:03 PM
23 Ramadan, 1441

(16 May, 2020)

Saturday03:28 AM7:03 PM
24 Ramadan, 1441

(17 May, 2020)

Sunday03:27 AM7:04 PM
25 Ramadan, 1441

(18 May, 2020)

Monday03:27 AM7:05 PM
26 Ramadan, 1441

(19 May, 2020)

Tuesday03:26 AM7:06 PM
27 Ramadan, 1441

(20 May, 2020)

Wednesday03:25 AM7:06 PM
28 Ramadan, 1441

(21 May, 2020)

Thursday03:24 AM7:07 PM
29 Ramadan, 1441

(22 May, 2020)

Friday03:23 AM7:08 PM
30 Ramadan, 1441

(23 May, 2020)

Saturday03:22 AM7:08 PM

Furthermore, Muslims offer a prayer Eid-al-Fitr after the fasting of the whole month. This Eid is the gift for the Muslims from Allah Almighty. So, each Muslim fasts in this month. Therefore, Ramadan Calendar is necessary. Let’s talk about the calendar of different types!

Ramadan Calendar 2020 in English

Since English is the universal language, so the Muslims of all countries can understand the calendar in this language. Also, the calendar has the authentic and actual time of each prayer, Iftar time, and Saher time. Muslims can understand or read the English wording and time digits easily because it is available in HD format.

Furthermore, each country has a different time of Iftar and Saher. So, you can download the calendar for the desired states. If you don’t have enough resources for this calendar, then don’t need to worry. We are providing the free of charge downloading facility of the calendar.

Ramadan Calendar 2020 in Arabic

Many Muslims understand Arabic in the world. Therefore, they need a calendar of upcoming Ramadan in Arabic. So, if you want to get the authentic Saher time, Iftar time, and prayers’ times for the Ramadan 2020, then don’ worry. The reason is that below the calendar is available for Muslims.

Also, if you think about the format of the calendar, then it is in HD format that easy to understand. Since many Muslims countries are available that understand Arabic, so don’t worry. The reason is that the Ramadan calendar is present for the many states without charges.

Ramadan Calendar 2020 in Urdu

If you understand Urdu and want to get the Ramadan Calendar in the same language, then don’t worry. So, we brought the calendar for Ramadan in Urdu. Also, this calendar has an actual and authentic-time of Iftar, Saher, and prayers.

Moreover, the calendar is available in HD format that you can read or know the time easily. Every country and city has different time due to the earth circle. So, we have many calendars according to the states’ time. You don’t have enough resources for downloading the Ramadan calendar. Then, this facility is free of cost on this platform.

Final Verdict

As a result, Muslims can download the calendar for Ramadan 2020 in the desired languages. Also, they don’t need to pay for this purpose. If you want more details for the upcoming Ramadan, then reply to me.

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Updated: April 3, 2020 — 4:42 pm

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