Ramadan Dates 2020 – Happy Ramadan Kareem Dates

Ramadan Dates 2020

In this Month Some Ramadan dates 2020 have and Ramadan is the Holy month, full of blessings, positivity, and purity. The gates of forgiveness are opened and the gates of sins are closed, the smallest good deed are rewarded tripled then normal days, evils are chained. Muslims fast during this month, restrain from bad activities, food, drinks, and evil habits.

This month is celebrated with full zest and enthusiasm; people avoid alcohol, clubs, and dance, restrain from eating and drinking in public. This month some Ramadan dates 2020  and this month enhances the connection with Allah (SWT) that purifies the heart, innovative soul and highest rank of Nafz.

Ramadan Dates 2019

Each year Ramadan comes ten days early, as in 2013 Ramadan was started on 9 July, in 2014 it was on 28 June and so on. Now in 2020, according to the predictions, the starting date of Ramadan is 23 April, Tuesday.

Ramadan is the ninth month on the Islamic calendar, based on the lunar cycle rather than the sun, so the year is of 354 or 355 days rather than 365 days. Fasting is one of the five pillars that are: faith, fasting, charity, praying and pilgrimage (Hajj), Muslims restrain food after sunrise until sunset or in simple words from dawn to dusk.

Ramadan 2020 doesn’t mean to refrain Muslims from their daily routine; rather they are stimulated to continue their normal work and activities. The fasting is in fact where the challenge of tolerance and durability comes in. You should all believe fasting is not merely a physical ceremonial but is mainly a time for reflection and spiritual recharging.

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Happy Ramadan Dates 2020

    Are you searching for the date of Ramadan in 2020? Are you worried about the date of Ramadan as you have to wish your families?

Ramadan 2020 is on its way, almost 30 days are left, the predicted date of Ramadan 2020 is, start from 24 April Monday and end on 24 May.

Muslims in Ramadan fast and pray that helps in the increase of one’s patience, closeness to God and generosity towards others, they believe that their desires are curbed and can be gained by an understanding of how those who are less privileged than them feel.

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