Best Ramadan Diet Tips 2020 Ramadan Healthy Tips

Best Ramadan Diet Tips 2020 For Healthy Life

Ramadan 2020 is known as the month of blessings and prosperity, there is no other month like this one. Ramadan holds a special place in Muslim hearts as it is one of the pillars of the religion Islam. There is much reason behind the fact that this month can never be taken for granted by the Muslims, and due to which it is celebrated from all the heart and joy. Some are worried about there Health and Healthy Life doesn’t Worry About it. In this Article, we Will Guide you Complete Ramadan Diet Tips 2020 For Healthy Ramadan Month.

Ramadan Diet Tips 2019

By joy and celebrations, we mean that a different variety of food is cooked to break the fast, many preparations are done in order to break the fast. There is a variety of fried food, along with fruits, different varieties of drinks and much more.

This month brings a lot of happiness to the Muslims due to which they make preparations for it especially in the menu of breaking the fast.

Diet Tips During Ramadan 2020

So basically the fast starts at the time of sunrise, all the Muslim community wakes up in the middle of the night and then there are preparations for the food for suhoor. Different types of food items that can give nutrition and energy all day long are prepared in order to eat for the initiation of the fast.

This has to be done before the sunrise, the common food items that are common are yogurt, ghee, bread, paratha, different variety of curry and whatever is preferred by the family members.

The reason why yogurt is a common ingredient in everyone’s suhoor menu is that yogurt is known for its properties of keeping the body cool and makes you less thirsty. During the observation of fast the Muslims are not allowed to eat and drink, so eating full of nutrition meals is preferred because it keeps them active and fresh all day.

diet tips during ramadan

No matter what, health is the most important factor that should never be taken for granted. Even if you are fasting that does not mean that you disturb your whole diet plan. There is a common perception that one eat a lot in order to avoid hunger while fasting, but this should not be the case.

Healthy Diet Tips for Ramadan 2020

What we have observed and seen so far is that in all. The houses mostly the breaking of the fast (iftar) is the time when most of the violation in regard to the Ramadan diet tips is being done. All the people prefer to eat a lot in one go, as soon as a person breaks the fast they just start eating a lot and there is no end to that.

Mostly, everyone knows that in the iftar time the junk food is there.

For example, fried food, fruit chat, channa chaat, pakoras, samosas, mostly the bakery items and everything that falls under the category of junk food. To avoid this situation there is also a lot of fruit along with drinks, but the hurdle here is that now the soft drinks are consumed as healthy drinks in iftar, which is an alarming situation. People do not focus on their diet plan, or even.

Eating healthy in this month. Apart from all the joy, one must think about the health factor as well. Eating a lot is not the key, but eating healthy is. Here are a few Ramadan diet tips that can help you in staying healthy during the prosperous month of Ramadan 2020.

Your health comes first because when you are healthy you can observe the fast with all the obligations easily. The Ramadan diet tips are as follows:-

Best Ramadan Diet Tips 2020 List

  • Never Ever Consider of Skipping Suhoor
  • Plenty of Water
  • Keeping a balance in your diet
  • Avoid Salty, Fried and High Sugar items
  • Consumption of Tea or Coffee
  • Working out and Exercise
  • The Routine of Sleeping in Ramadan
  • Quit Bad Habits

Ramadan Healthy Tips 2020

1. Never Ever Consider of Skipping Suhoor

There are many people who go too extreme with their diet. The perception that we mostly have in our mind is that skipping eating food or just not eating at all will make them slimmer and healthy. But many types of research have proven this practice wrong,  eating less or not eating at all is not the way but the only way is healthy.

The common observation is that especially youngsters skip eating the pre-fast meal at the time of suhoor. The reason can be overeating at the time of iftar, but no matter what is the reason one should never consider doing this. You must have heard that one of the most unhealthy practices is skipping breakfast, take the pre-fast meal the same as that.

Because you won’t be able to eat all day long and then you will eat at the time of iftar only and then sleep. This even sounds like an unhealthy diet and routine. This is true that you should not eat any sort of heavy food in the suhoor, eat healthy and nutritious but do not skip it.

ramadan healthy tips

You can have yogurt, fruits, fresh juices, brown bread or normal bread, you can have salad, boil veggies with a piece of any type of meat. This would make a healthy meal for you. You can avoid eating ghee because it is also known for making you thirsty.

You can choose a different type of healthy meals every day, but should not avoid eating at all. This would make you unhealthy and weak.

Best food for Sehri in Ramadan

2. Plenty of Water

Who is not aware of the importance of drinking plenty of water? It is one of the essentials that are required by a human body, it’s like a fuel to your body which keeps it running. But, during the fast one is not allowed to drink water, due to which your body can become dehydrated and you can face health issues.

Drinking plenty of water has many benefits for the human body, like keeping the skin fresh and hydrated, dealing with all the other issues of your body as well. Now, while you are fasting you are not allowed to drink water which means you won’t be able to drink the amount of water as in normal routine.

best food for sehri in ramadan

An easy Ramadan diet tip is that you can drink almost 8-10 glass of water between the times of iftar to suhoor. You have to avail of this time in order to fulfill the amount of water required by your body. Your body needs water to stay hydrated, you might have noticed that when Ramadan is in summer then your body can become really dehydrated.

  • You will face issues like acne, dry skin, dehydration, you might feel like vomit, you will feel tired and fatigued. In order to avoid this, you have to drink almost 10 glasses of water. The mistake that people do normally is that they try to drink as much as of water as soon as they break the fast, which is not right you have to keep a balance in everything. Also, any beverage like fresh juices, etc. would work but nothing can replace water.

Avoid drinking the soft drinks in iftar time, it is suggested that for the time of the pre-fast meal in suhoor you can have fresh juice or mix yogurt in the water you can either add salt or sugar in it. (It is known as lassi) this will help you in staying hydrated all day long.

best sehri meal for weight loss

3. Keeping a Balance in Your Diet

Now, most of the people either like to avoid the pre-fast meal or they like to eat a lot at the time of iftar. There is no balance kept in the diet plan and eating habits. Then there are people who just eat a lot in the pre-fast meal in suhoor, and they eat more than that in the iftar because they think that overeating would help in fast properly and won’t make them weak as well. But, this is not the case because keeping balance is a key to healthy life going extreme in anything is not suitable for health.

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Keeping a Balance in Your Diet

You have to keep such a healthy routine that it should stay as balanced eating, it should be overeating or not eating at all. The useful tip here is that choose your meal wisely, it should help you in staying active all long. While in the time of iftar you should keep a balance, as soon as you break the fast normally people like to break their fast with a date, which is a practice of last Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

The date is a beneficial fruit, with a lot of nutrients. It is a good practice to break the fast with eating a date, after that you should take a glass of fresh fruit, or water in order to make yourself not thirsty. After that start eating the fruits, then you can have a little bit of everything that is on the menu. It is a known fact that Muslims have to pray five times a day which itself is an exercise and workout. Same is the case at the time of iftar, when you are done eating then you have to go and pray it will help you in digesting all that.

What to Eat During Ramadan

Then you can take a bottle of water and walk a little and try consuming water as much as you can. You can always take the help of a nutritionist in order to suggest a healthy meal according to the health of your body. Now a diabetic person should not eat less if he or she is fasting. It is very difficult for a patient of diabetes to stay hungry all day long.

This is the reason that you should always consult a health nutritionist to get the best possible help. The diet should always be kept according to the needs of your body and you can only take care of it when you know your issues. The diet always plans according to how much calories your body should consume and how many of them should be burnt.

Healthy Food in Ramadan

4. One should avoid salty, fried and high sugar-containing food items:-

Healthy Food in Ramadan

As every one of us knows that people go a little harsh with overeating at the time of iftar. The common perception is that they would eat like it is their last day on the planet earth. It is also known that the food items in the iftar menu are mostly fried food (samosay, pakoray, parathas, vegetable rolls, etc.) along with the high sugar-containing food items are there as well.

It is said that the fried food can make you feel thirsty and if you consume a lot of that in the iftar you will not be able to eat properly in the time of suhoor, which mean the whole day of fasting would not go as will be hectic and a lot of fatigue for you.

Consuming fried food is in general not good for your health. It’s normally not that fresh, with too much oil. It can cause acne and hyperpigmentation on the face because you won’t be consuming the same amount of water as in normal days.

What Types of Food are Eaten During Ramadan

It is suggested that instead of consuming fried food one can go for fresh fruits and vegetables or any healthy alternatives. If you are a fried food items fans and cannot resist eating it then you should eat it in a less amount that it can be digested easily.

In the time of iftar, you should consume rice and alternative, you can intake any type of 9f meat or its alternative along with vegetables and fruits. You can always eat fresh salads, but eating salads are suggested between the times of iftar till suhoor. Because normally families prefer to have dinner even after iftar.

If you want to be healthy and fresh you should replace the dinner with the consumption of a bowl of salad or rice.

5. Consumption of Tea or Coffee

What Types of Food are Eaten During Ramadan

During Ramadan, it is suggested that you should increase the consumption of water instead of focusing on drinking coffee and tea. The reason why we are saying this is because you should keep yourself hydrated, intake of tea and coffee will make you stay awake which is not healthy at all.

If you do not get enough sleep in Ramadan you will not an ability to stay active and healthy all day. Also coffee and tea reduce your hunger level which results in less intake of food than required. If you are one of those people that cannot resist the day without having tea or coffee then at least you should avoid drinking it in the suhoor time that is a pre-fast meal.

6. Working Out and Exercise

Ramadan 2019 Diet

As we have already mentioned that praying five times a day is a complete exercise and benefits. It has been proven by a lot of researches now that the postures made by a Muslim while praying are as effective as a workout.

If we think about it then doing wudhu (It is a process of cleaning yourself by with the help of water before offering the prayer in front of Allah) is a process of keeping yourself clean and fresh all day. And on the other hand offering prayers is a complete exercise.

This is enough for a normal human to keep himself and herself.

7. The Routine of Sleeping in Ramadan

One of the most hectic things to do in the holy month of Ramadan is to get enough sleep. Your sleep routine messes up real bad, but here we need to see things differently. If we talk about the ways told by Allah and Islam then keeping up with the routine is not difficult.

Sleeping in Ramadan

The suggested routine by Islam is that you should sleep after sun dawn that is the time after offering the prayer of Ishaa (the last one of the five prayers a day). And one should wake up for offering the prayer of fajr, which is the time of sunrise. This should be the routine in normal days as well, but as time changed we do not follow this routine anymore due to which it has become very difficult for us to manage the routine in Ramadan.

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We have also noticed that few people prefer to stay up till the time of suhoor, have their pre-fast meal and after offering the prayer, they sleep. This should not be the case because it makes you lazy and tired. One should try to get enough sleep in the month of Ramadan in order to stay healthy.

One should get at least 6-8 hours of sleep which is actually possible. After the time of iftar, when the Esha prayers and Taraweeh prayers are done that is the best time to sleep. This will make you get up at the time of suhoor without feeling tired and sleeping.

You should also focus on working out after the iftari time, which will relax your muscles and helps in getting enough sleep.

8. Quit Bad Habits

A Good Diet for Ramadan

As we all know that Ramadan brings a lot of blessings and happiness along with it. This is the only month in which you can bring yourself back to the track especially in regard to your health. In case you are a person who is addicted to smoking, which is obviously injurious to your health and can cause a lot of diseases.

A Good Diet for Ramadan

You have a golden chance to quit this habit, the reason behind it is that while you are fasting you are not allowed to smoke because it will break your fast. This is obvious that you will not smoke the entire day for 30 days. There is no doubt that you can easily quit this addiction,  but most people do not resist and keep on smoking after having the iftar meal.

If you follow the sleep routine as we have mentioned in our Ramadan diet tips then you will not get the chance to smoke. You have to avoid as much as you can. But, here you should keep in mind that quitting a bad habit especially addiction is not easy. It’s not impossible though, you just have to set a goal that you will try to quit smoking. When you will not smoke for straight 30 days you will automatically leave it.

A Good Diet for Ramadan 2019

Your body will not crave it anymore, you should try to adopt the healthy routine and diet in the month of Ramadan because practicing something good for a whole month will make it your habit and you can stay healthy the entire year.

What Should be your Goal in the Month of Ramadan?

Sometimes the people are confused with their goals in the month of Ramadan. Few of the people enjoy the month of Ramadan with the intention that they might end up losing a lot of weight. One should always keep in mind that losing weight should not be the purpose of Ramadan but to create a balanced diet and staying healthy.

Ramadan Diet and Workout

We are not sure whether Ramadan can help you in losing weight or not but it surely helps you in developing healthy habits such as the sleep routine. You should carry on with the sleep routine as in normal months fajar is the best time to do your workout routine.


Ramadan also teaches your body to crave less for food, this will help you with your dieting. Here we want to give a reminder as well that one should not take a risk with their health and should always consult the nutritionist.

  • You should always add supplements to your diet in the month of Ramadan in order to avoid any sort of deficiency of vitamins or calcium.
  • Your main goal in the holy month of Ramadan should be a balanced diet and quitting all the bad habits such as overeating or smoking.

You should be following all the above mention diet tips for this Ramadan so that you can stay healthy and safe. These astounding diet tips will not only make you stay healthy during Ramadan but you will also be able to stay healthy throughout the whole year.

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Keep one thing in your mind, you should maintain balance in your diet if you want to get the benefits of this holy month.

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