Top 10 Ramadan Important Facts [2020 ] Important Facts About Ramadan

Top 10 Ramadan Important Facts 2020

Muslims around the world, know all about the holy month Ramadan. It is known as the most favorite month of the Muslim all around the globe. There is hardly any Muslim in the world that would say that they have no idea about the holy month of Ramadan and also did not know about Ramadan important facts. Still, if you do not have any idea about the holy month of Ramadan 2020 if you are a new turned Muslim, then you are reading the right article.

10 Ramadan Important Facts 2019

Every year the Muslim living in any corner of the world awaits for this month to come and bring them all the happiness. It is considered as the month of happiness, worshipping, and celebration. In case you have no idea about this month, then you need to know that the Muslim faith believers fast for hours in order to worship. This month is all about spirituality and reflection of the faith.

Important Facts About Ramadan

The month of Ramadan is celebrated in a different way, according to the Islamic calendar, there are 12 holy months but Ramadan is something very special to muslins. If you have no idea about Ramadan’s important facts, but you are so curious to know every fact about this holy month of Muslims then you are in the right place.

Here are Top 10 Ramadan important facts that can help in understanding the concept of worship and the reason why Muslims fast during this month. The Ramadan important facts are as follow:

Top 10 Ramadan Important Facts:

10 Ramadan Important Facts

  • Fasting the entire day
  • Breaking the fast in the Holy month of Ramadan
  • Prohibitions for Muslims while they are fasting
  • Why Ramadan is so special
  • Lunar Calendar
  • The holy month of Ramadan is one of the five pillars:
  • Some people are exempted from fasting
  • How the intention is involved while fasting
  • Helping the Poor’s
  • Celebrating the Eid-ul-Fitr

Important Facts About Ramadan and Fasting

  • Fasting the Entire Day:-

The most important concept of this holy month is fasting, basically, it is the entire purpose of this month. During this holy month, the Muslims that are observing the fast do not eat and drink anything the entire day.

This is the same in all the sects and communities that are existing in the Muslim faith. It is obvious that this is the only way to fast, no other hard and fast rules. A Muslim wake up around two hours before the sunrise and eats the food which is known as Sehri.

Top 10 Ramadan Important Facts 2019

After eating the food before the sunrise the Muslims wait for the time of sunrise, as soon as the call for prayer known as Azaan is announced the observation of the fast starts. This time period starts from you can say around 4-5 am depending upon the area you live in.

Important Things in Ramadan:-

The time can differ according to the areas, the simple concept is that they have to start observing the fast before the sunrise.

Breaking the fast in the Holy Month of Ramadan:-

The observation of the fast starts from the sunrise, now you must be thinking that when is the time to break that fast. Like when do they start eating and drinking the food and water?

After staying hungry and thirsty all day, the Muslims finally break their fast when the time to sundown comes. The time of the sundown is the time of the call of the prayer of Maghreb. It is exactly the time when all the Muslims around the world break their fast. All of the family members, friends, Muslims in the mosque gather to break the fast.

Important Things in Ramadan

For the breaking of the fast, there are a lot of preparations for it, a lot of healthy food is cooked in order to celebrate the breaking of the fast. The most common items of the breaking if the fast is dates, different types of juices, fruits and other types of food items. It is said to be the practice of the Last Holy Prophet (PBUH) that he used to break his fast with eating a date first.

Important Facts About the Month of Ramadan and Fasting

That is exactly what is practiced by most of the Muslims, the like to break their fast with eating a date. It is not compulsory but it is practice because it was practiced by the Holy Prophet. Some of people like to break their fast with a pinch of salt. There is no hard and fast rule to break the fast because there is no compulsion for the breaking of fast.

It can be done by eating or drinking anything halal. By halal we mean the food that is permitted in Islam, for instance, there are few things that are prohibited in Islam like pork.

Prohibitions for Muslims While they are Fasting:-

As it is said that fasting has no hard and fast rule, on the other hand, their simple rules and regulations that Muslims do follow while they are fasting. For example, Muslims are not allowed to eat and drink anything while they are observing the fast. The most important thing is that they are not even allowed to drink a little bit of water no matter what.

Important Facts of Ramadan

Even during the time of wudhu that a Muslim performs before offering the 5 times prayer. The Muslim has to be careful that while performing the wudhu the water should not be gulped. It might break the fast while observing the fast they are not allowed to have sexual intercourse with the partner. It is prohibited, even if the sexual intercourse is done it has to be a time when the husband and wife are not fasting.

Important Facts About the Month of Ramadan and Fasting

Along with that, the Muslims are obliged to keep themselves away from all the bad habits. For example, one cannot smoke while they are fasting. Basically, Ramadan is the holy month of saying goodbyes to all the evil existing in an individual or the community. Ramadan comes with the message of eradicating the bad from society.

According to Islam being only hungry and thirsty is not fasting, but one has to keep themselves away from gossips, lying, harming someone, intentionally hurting someone, abusing, theft, drugs, etc. In short, a Muslim has to take control of all of his or her bad habits in order to worship God.  It comes with a message of peace and truth, the intentions matter as well.

Along with the prohibition of eating and drinking, the Muslims are prohibited to do any bad act.

Why Ramadan is So Special:-

There are other holy months as well, but there is something very special about the month of Ramadan due to which it is celebrated differently. It is a month that is remembered and worshipped more than any other month because of some Ramadan important facts.

One of the most necessary facts about Ramadan is that in this month the Last Prophet (PBUH) received the first of the revelations that make up the holy book of Muslims known as the Holy Quran. By revelations we mean here that an angel known as Jibrael (A.S) used to bring messages from Allah to Prophet (PBUH). In this month while the Prophet (PBUH) was in the cave of Hira, the angel came with the message of Allah which he revealed to the PBUH.

Why Ramadan is So Special

This is one of the reasons for the celebration of the holy month of Ramadan. It is to be noticed here that it is considered as the month of initiation of the revelation and along with that it is when the Quran was made up. This the reason that recitation of the holy book is done by the Muslims in the mosques and in the houses as well.

Lunar Calendar:-

The month of holy Ramadan is based on the lunar month which is according to the Islamic calendar. The Islamic Calendar starts with the month of Muharram, it is not based on the Gregorian calendar.

Ten Ramadan Important Facts 2019

The Holy Month of Ramadan is of great respect as compared to any other month because this is the month in which the Muslim fast and then celebrate it with a day known as Blessed Eid-ul-Fitr.

The Holy Month of Ramadan is one of the five pillars:-

If we talk about Islam then it is a religion which is known for its five pillars, and you can guess the importance of the holy month of Ramadan by knowing that it is one of the five pillars of Islam. As the name suggests pillar is something that is making the foundation and basis of religion. One can say that the building of Islam is standing on the five pillars and one of them is this month.

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It is obligatory for Muslims to fast during this month regardless of the caste, creed, race, color, and ethnicity and regardless of the area, they are living in. The time can differ from area to area, even if the Muslims are living in an area where the daylight is rare. Even in those areas, they observe the fast depending on the time of Mecca.

The holy month of Ramadan facts

All of the areas and countries have their own times according to the sunrise and the sunset. But, none of this matters because the only thing that matters while fasting is one’s intention and motive. Islam is a religion that is entirely based on one’s intention. If we explain it with an example that there is a person who is fasting and he does not eat or drink anything the whole ay but he goes abuses people, he is a thief and is not giving up his habits, his intentions are to hurt someone then his fast is not so pure.

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Because basically, the purpose is to eradicate the bad habits from life and coming back to the right path. The right path of truth, peace, and harmony. If we talk about the other four pillars other than the Ramadan, then they are prayers (Salat), Belief that there is no deity besides Allah and Prophet (PBUH) is his last messenger (Shahada), Charity on yearly basis known as (Zakat) and going to Mecca and performing the obligation in the month of Zil-Hajj (Hajj).

Ramadan Facts and Information

If we take into consideration the all four of the pillars then we come to know that Ramadan is covering all these obligations, in explaining this we can say that a Muslim, while he is fasting, is obliged to perform the 5 times prayers. Even the Muslims perform additional prayers to worship their Allah other than the 5 times prayers.

Charity is on the peak by Muslims in the month of Ramadan, and the belief that Allah is the one and Prophet (PBUH) is his last messenger becomes stronger when a person is staying hungry and thirsty for the sake of worship.

Some People are Exempted From Fasting:-

As we have already mentioned that fasting is an obligation for the Muslims, and any adult Muslim has to perform it without any excuses. But, In Islam, there is ease for all of them who cannot fast. First, of all, there is a need to clear the fact that only adult Muslims are obliged to perform the fast. Being an adult means that when a girl starts to have her menstrual cycle and about the male the age could be 12-14 years.

The ease given by the religion to the Muslims is to this extent that when a girl is having her menstrual cycle she is exempted from all the obligations such as fasting during Ramadan, offering prayers five time’s day and much more. She gives the complete exemption from fasting and praying which shows the beauty of this religion.

Ramadan facts 2019

The other people that are exempted from fasting are the ones who are sick. If a Muslim is suffering from a disease and is not able to fast is totally exempted and then there are other ways in which he or she can get the same amount of appreciation. For example, feeding 10 poor people as in for forgiveness of not being able to fast.

Even if someone is on a long journey then they are exempted as well. Now the exemption can be taken in a sense that the people who were unable to fast during the month of Ramadan can fast during the other months when they are able to. Also, the Muslims that are participating in the battle and are at the battleground are exempted as well from fasting.

One can say that in any extreme conditions which are not suitable for humankind to fast then they are exempted and they can fulfill this obligation afterward.

The Ramadan important facts also include the message that if any Muslim is facing hardship while fasting, then they are exempted from it. Here we can take an example that a Muslim is suffering from diabetes and uses insulin as a treatment. It is very obvious that such a person is not able to fast during the holy month. Usually, a diabetic person needs to eat or drink something every two hours. This can be a difficult task for him or her to fast, this is exactly why the religion is providing ease that they have an option of not fasting.

How the Intention is Involved While Fasting:-

As we have already mentioned that Islam is a religion that is mostly based on the intention of the person. One can say that what is inside the heart does matter, a believer has to be doing any act with good intention without keeping any grudged in the heart. Same as that intention really matters during the month of Ramadan.

Ramadan Important Facts For Kids

It can be explained by saying that if a person breaks his or her fast unintentionally then what happens? Take an example that during the start of the holy month of Ramadan it mostly happens that a person forgets that he or she is fasting and they drink water unintentionally. This does not mean that it will break their fast and they will be getting judged by Allah on this basis. Because this is not the case, the intention matters.

How the Intention is Involved While Fasting

if the intention and motive of breaking the fast of not behind an act of drinking and eating by mistake then the fast can still be observed. But, on the other hand, if a Muslim with the intention of breaking the fast drinks some water and pretends in front of other people that he did that act by mistake then it is definitely not fine. Especially in the case of children, this happens that when they are fasting for the first time they drink water by mistake, so it is not considered as in that the fast is broken and it will be added into their bad act’s list.

Helping the Poor’s:-

In the month of Ramadan, the purpose is to feel the pain of the poor community as well. Charity is always on the peak in the month of Ramadan. Because it is one of the ways of getting closer to Allah by helping the poor, feeding the poor, providing clothing to them, etc. These acts are always on the peak in the month of Ramadan. By fasting which means not drinking and eating all day long makes a person realize the pain and grief of a poor person who has nothing to eat.

Helping the Poors in Ramadan

This is not restricted to the Muslim community, Islam suggests to help all the poor people regardless of the caste, creed, and color. This is the beauty of this religion and it gives the message of spreading love and peace. Helping others is nothing but a good act, an act of kindness can open a door to heaven this is the belief of Muslim which is absolutely true.

Celebrating the Eid-ul-Fitr:-

The Muslim celebrates when the month of holy Ramadan comes, it starts with celebration and it ends with celebrations as well. Muslims do get sad when this month if saying goodbye to them, but they celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr too. The start of the next month is celebrated with Eid ul Fitr which is a day of spreading joy and happiness around the whole community. This is the day when the Muslims celebrate that they have spent the whole Ramadan fasting and doing good deeds. The children especially get really excited about this day.

Celebrating the Eid-ul-Fitr

They are given a lot of money to get themselves candies and stuff. In every house, there are celebrations, by cooking something sweet and giving it to the neighborhood and the relatives. All of the Muslim communities wear new clothes and there are many preparations for this day. This day starts with a special prayer in the morning, the men of the family especially go to the mosques to offer the Eid prayer.

This prayer is about behaving the same the entire year, the whole community gathers to pray for the betterment of the society and bringing peace and love. Even on this day the poor’s are not forgotten. Muslims love to give new clothes to the ones who cannot afford them. There is a special amount that is been collected from every house to give to the orphans, widow and whoever who is needy and deserving.


The Ramadan Important facts suggest only one thing which is that this holy month of Ramadan is of great importance to the Muslim community all around the globe. It brings all of them together to spread love and brotherhood. There is nothing like this month for the Muslims, they celebrate it with a lot of devotion and worship.

There are special nights of worship in this month as well, Muslims try to recite the Holy Quran and complete it in this month. The Ramadan Important facts let us realize the importance of this month and how it can never be neglected by the Muslims. No matter where they are living in the world, they will celebrate this month with all of their heart and devotion. It brings them closer to Allah and promotes kindness, good deeds, helping others and peace.

To bring peace in the world this month is really important because it makes a Muslim feel the pain of others and teaches them to be kind enough to have a soft heart for mankind. This also gives the message that Allah can forgive a non-believer but not the one who is doing any harm to mankind. The betterment of mankind is the first priority. May Allah bless each and every one!

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