Top Ramadan Important Points 2020 Important Points About Ramadan

Ramadan Important Points 2020

There is no doubt that the holy month of Ramadan brings happiness, joy, and peace for all the Muslim communities living anywhere around the globe. Ramadan has a special place in the hearts of Muslims and is of great importance to them. Some Muslims still do not know about Ramadan Important points Our Muslims are always making preparation to celebrate this holy month with devotion and prayers. If you are one of those people that are always been curious about this month because you are a lot of happening around the world during this month.

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Important Points About Ramadan 2020

The celebrations and devotions of Muslims towards this month make everyone curious, who is not practicing it wants to know about it and what are the Ramadan important points and purpose. In case you are totally unaware of this month then here is a brief introduction that Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. The Muslims do not follow the Georgia calendar, but the lunar Islamic calendar is also known as the solar calendar. It is basically a religious annual observance, the months start with the moon and they end with the cycle of the moon.

The holy month of Ramadan is of great importance in the religion Islam because it is considered to be one of the five pillars about which religion is basically built. It is also one of the necessarily practiced acts that a Muslim has to follow without making excuses. There are two types of acts in Islam, first is farz and the other is wajib. If we talk about the acts that are farz upon a Muslim then that means that there is no chance that they can be avoided, a Muslim has to perform them and Ramadan is one of them.

important points about ramadan

There is no doubt that Islam is a religion of ease and there is ease for Muslims even in regard to the fasting, but a Muslim cannot avoid fasting intentionally without having a reasonable issue. If a Muslim is so sick that he can’t fast then he is exempted from fasting.

If you are totally unaware of facts of Ramadan 2020 then you should know about what are the Ramadan important points in order to get the complete knowledge about the holy month. The Ramadan important points are as follows:-

  • What is Meant By the Word “Ramadan?”

In Order to know the importance of anything, first, you are supposed to figure out all the meanings and origins of it. In the case of the holy month of Ramadan, the word Ramadan is originated from the Arabic language (the language that is still spoken by the Arab people). There are many pronunciations to this word, the pronunciation and spelling might vary from region to region.

important points of ramadanFew of the common pronunciations are Ramazan that further Romanizes to Ramzan, Ramadhan and sometimes it is called as Ramathan too. Despite its pronunciation and the words that are being used to refer it, the meaning is the same everywhere along with the purpose. It can differ in terms of spelling and the way of pronunciation but not in regard to its facts and how it is celebrated and performed.

The reason behind it is that every Muslim living anywhere in the world has the same concept about Ramadan and also is celebrated in the same way. There is no difference of opinion and belief on the fact that the holy month of Ramadan is the ninth month in the Islamic calendar.
If we talk more about the wordRamadan which has roots in the Arabic language, it means dryness or in other words, it is also taken in the terms of scorching heat. By this one can easily conclude that why the word has this meaning because in the month of Ramadan Muslims around the globe start fasting.
The fast starts from the sunrise to sundown, they are not permitted to eat and drink the entire time. Even it is winters or summers, regardless of all the hurdles the Muslims do not avoid the fasting.

  • Why fasting in Ramadan is of Great Importance:-

The reason why fasting is important in the month of Ramadan because it is one of the five pillars of Islam. Along with that, it is obligatory (fard) for the Muslim community to perform the fast in the month of Ramadan. The obligatory acts are those that cannot be avoided without any solid reason. There is no doubt that Islam brings a lot of ease for the Muslim community, there is the ease in obligatory acts as well.

If a Muslim is suffering from a disease that he or she is unable to observe the fast then there is an exemption for such a person. There are many other situations in which a Muslim is not able to observe the fast, for instance, if a woman is pregnant then she is exempted from performing the obligatory act of fasting. But, this situation is one of those kinds in which the women can observe after she gives birth and is healed completely.

Best Ramadan Important Points 2020

The woman will then observe those fast that she could not while she was pregnant in some other month, it does not necessarily have to be Ramadan to fulfill the act. It totally depends upon the intention, the inner self. There are other situations in which a Muslim s exempted from fasting, few of the examples are as follows:

When a Muslim is traveling to a faraway place, especially during the advent of Islam there were no vehicles and traveling facilities as such. Due to which people used to walk and travel or on animals like camels and horses.
Due to which the distance would be covered in months and days. This ease is given by the religion to the Muslims that they are exempted from fasting when they are traveling. Because it is clearly troublesome to fast while you are fasting because sometimes the reason could be that traveling from one place to another you do not have that kind of facilities and then you do not know about the time as well.

When a Muslim is suffering from any illness, in which he is required to take medicine to get back on the healthy track. The exemption is there, sickness is one of the reasons when a Muslim can avoid fasting. But, the condition is the same that whenever the person gets fits or recover from the illness then he or she has to fast. For instance, a person gets sick in the month Ramadan for a week and due to which he or she has to skip 6 days of fasting.
Then when he or she recovers from that illness that person will have to fast for 6 days in order to complete the obligatory act.

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Elderly people, who due to their age factors are so weak and are not able to fast are exempted as well. The reason behind it is that when a person starts fasting they become considerably weak, most of the elderly people cannot walk or eat properly and many diseases make their way towards them.
All of these reasons are behind the exemption from fasting for elderly people. The Ramadan important points also include also these exemptions that one should know.

A woman who is going through her monthly menstrual cycle is also exempted from fasting and the obligatory prayers five times a day. Now, most of the people have this perception in their mind that a woman who is going through her menstrual cycle is exempted from doing all this because she is considered to be dirty and is not allowed to pray in front of Allah.

But, this is not the case because the religion Islam is more of based on logic and reasoning, the reason behind this is that a woman goes through the cramp pain, the uncomfortable blood flow, taking precautions for that blood flow and all that and it is too hectic to manage home and the obligations towards Allah at the same time.

This is one of the ease and rights that are provided to a woman that due to their vulnerability they are exempted from taking part in the war as a warrior, they are exempted from fasting when they are going through the difficult situation such as pregnancy and menstrual cycle.

The Ramadan Important points on its Significance in Islam:

The significance of the holy month of Ramadan in Islam is due to a lot of special events that took place in this special month. The Muslim all around the world waits for this month to arrive that they can celebrate it. It is also known that Muslims do fast in other months as well on special days, or for extra appreciation from Allah but the thing to be kept in mind here is that fasting in other months is not obligatory.

In Ramadan it is obligatory upon every Muslim to fast, children are exempted from it. But, if we talk what makes Ramadan so special and significant in Islam then some Ramadan important points are as follows:

  1. The Holy Quran’s Revelation:-

It is a known fact that Muslims believe is based upon the oneness of Allah, the Holy Prophet (PBUH) is the last messaged of Allah and there is no other messenger after his demise. The Holy book of Quran was revealed upon the last Prophet (PBUH) because He (PBUH) is the last messenger and the Holy Quran is the last holy book to be revealed by Allah and there will be no holy book to be revealed on any other messenger.

The process of revelation stopped upon the completion of the Quran and the demise of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). The Holy Quran was first revealed upon the last Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in the holy month of Ramadan. This means that it is of great importance because this is the time when the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) came to know that he is the last messenger of Allah.

This is a special occasion for the Muslims because this month gave the revelation of the Holy Quran and the last messenger. It is also said that in this month the compilation of the holy Quran was completed.

  1. The Month in Which All the evils are Jailed:

By saying that it is a strong belief of the Muslims that all the evils should be avoided along with that the Devil (Shaitaan) is said to be behind the bars by Allah. IT is known that whenever a bad act is done by a Muslim, the provocation is done by Shaitaan.

In the month of Ramadan the Shaitaan is closed and is not able to do any sort of provocations which means that the Muslim’s spirits are high and they will only be committing the good acts and even if they are doing any sort of bad act they would know that this is their own intention, Shaitaan is not behind it. This is a way in which a person can evaluate his or her acts that what kind of mindset and heart, he or she has.

It is said that the Muslims love to do all the favorite acts of Allah in this month. It is also one of the Ramadan important points that the reward in return for the good acts is almost triple as compared to another month. The doors to heaven are open and all the bad acts are done by a person the rest of the year are forgiven in this month. A Muslim can ask for forgiveness of all his or her sins in this month and this month is a golden opportunity for seeking forgiveness.

It is also helpful in making the good deed as a habit when a person would only be focused on the good for a month then there is no doubt that this will be adopted as a habit. The rest of the year will be the same if the Muslims successfully adopt good deeds as a habit.

The special events of Ramadan important points

The Special Events of Ramadan Important Points:-

There are many ways in which Ramadan is celebrated, there is no doubt that this month itself is a celebration for the whole Muslim community. But then there are some special occasions that are of great importance for Muslims in this month of Ramadan like Eid-ul-Fitr.

There are many other special days that are celebrated last an underaged person fasts for the first time of his or her life that is celebrated as well. It is celebrated in order to motivate the person to keep on doing the same for his entire life.

  • The Eid-ul-Fitr 2020:-

Eid-ul-Fitr 2019

How to Celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr 2020

It comes at the end of the holy month of Ramadan the first day of next month Shawal, as a celebration in order to appreciate the Muslims for fasting the entire month and for carrying on the good deeds for a month. It is right after the last fast of Ramadan, next day to that. It is celebrated by wearing new clothes, meeting with all the Muslim community, presenting with gifts, etc., the children are given some money to buy sweets, etc. for themselves.

All of the Muslim community wears new clothes, along with that, it is also kept in mind that there are people who cannot afford the new clothes those are presented with gifts and money or anything that can be done in order to help them. There is special Eid prayer that is performed by the Muslim in mosques known as the prayer of Eid-ul-Fitr,

This prayer is offered early in the morning, by the male of the house. While the females of the house meet and greet the whole family, cook delicious food which mostly includes sweets. This is the reason behind the fact that this Eid is also known as the sweet’s Eid.

It is only one-day celebrations not more than that. If a person is not even Muslim and is poor, they are also taken care of by the Muslims on this day. The reason is that Islam is a religion of peace and the day of Eid is to bring people together in order to bring harmony in the society.

Islam doesn’t differentiate on the basis of caste, creed, and color. All the Muslim community sit together and eat on the day of Eid. Exchange of gifts and food are the main events of Eid 2020.

  • The Special Event of itekaaf:-

It is also one of the Ramadan important points because it is also celebrated and performed by many Muslims. Itekaaf is not an obligatory act to perform by each and every Muslim but it is an option to get more reward and to perform a lot of prayers and be close to Allah. The itekaaf is basically started on the 20th Ramadan till the end of Ramadan, it can be of the whole month as well or of three days only as well. It is dependent upon the person that whatever timeframe is feasible they can perform the itekaaf for that specific period.

Basically, itekaaf is when an individual goes to the mosque and stay there and perform prayers and fast as well. By staying away from all the social life and practical life. One is not allowed to get into bad activities and avoid contacts with anyone.

Itekaaf is more of a matter between an individual and Allah where the individual stays in contact with Allah only and avoids all the social gathering and stuff for the sake of offering prayers and get a reward. While performing itekaaf the person is not allowed to go out of a specific place it can be the mosque or can be the room of the house.

Women also perform itekaaf but they are prohibited to do so if they are going through their monthly menstrual cycle.

  • The Specific Amount to be Paid:-

There is no doubt that Muslims do charity by themselves in this month because of the rewards they get from Allah. It also develops an empathy for the poor of the country instead of giving them sympathy only it’s better to help them out. This is the purpose of the holy month of Ramadan to make it possible for each everyone to have peace in life.

By fasting a Muslim person comes to know the pain of hunger and thirst, in this way one can feel the pain of the people who get to eat or drink. Fasting makes them realize that what happens to the children who have to beg for food and other things in life. Most of the Muslims enjoy the luxurious life but they know it’s temporary there is more to this world. This is the reason that Allah has created an obligation of paying fitrana.

fitrana 2019

It is a specific amount that has to be paid by the head of the family on behalf of his family to the deserving people. Now one who is not aware of the fitrana must be thinking how is it calculated and everything. The calculation of fitrana is done on the basis of a number of family members in the house. This amount is then distributed among the poor as in windows, orphans, etc.

This amount can help a family live happily. It is an obligation for the Muslims who are in a position to pay this amount. Who intentionally avoids it would be questioned about it on the Day of Judgment. This means that this has to be fulfilled by the Muslim.

The only purpose of Ramadan is not fasting, but a lot other good deeds have to be performed by a Muslim. If a Muslim stays thirsty and hungry all day long without doing good to a human being or any act good act then there is no point in fasting. Because Allah needs the good intention behind fasting along with the betterment of society.


So, this was all about a few important things about the holy month of Ramadan, you may not know some of these before.

Moreover, if we have missed an important point, you can add to the knowledge in the comments sections below.

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