Ramadan Wishes in Urdu & Hindi 2020 – Ramadan Wishes 2020

Ramadan Wishes in Urdu & Hindi 2020

Are you searching for Ramadan wishes and greetings? Here I Share the All Ramadan Wishes in Urdu & Hindi Here you go, Ramadan is the month of purity, good deeds, and positivity.

To serve this society with full wisdom and truth, to be a better human being a person needs; sincere prayers, devotions and have faith in Allah Almighty. Always remember people in your good times and don’t let them in their bad times.

Ramadan Wishes in Urdu

  • Chaand Ki Pehli Dastak Pay,
    Chaand Mubarak Kehtay Hain,
    Sab Se Pehlay Hum Aap Ko,
    Kehay Hain…
  • Raat ko Naya Chaand Mubarak
    Chand ko Uski Chandni Mubarak
    Sitaroon ko unki bulandi Mubarak
    aur aapko Hamari taraf se Mah-e-Ramadan Mubarak!

Ramadan Wishes in Urdu

  • Dil main phir se khushiyon ka peghaam aa raha hai..
    Main samjha ke shayed koi Mehman aa raha hai..
    Ye jaan kar khushi se main sarshaar ho gaya,
    Ho Mubarak Momino phir se RAMZAAN aa raha hai..

Ramadan is the month in which the Quran was revealed on the Prophet (PBUH), guides mankind about right and wrong. Fasting is a way to enhance your health, patience and to be wise. During Ramadan charity, reciting Quran daily, praying five times with tarawih help you boost positivity in your life.

Ramadan wishes for Whatsapp and Facebook would help to rush you toward performing good deeds and being away from sins. By following the teaching and path of the Quran, all the sins will be washed away as Ramadan is a month full of blessings showered by Allah Almighty.

Ramadan Wishes in Hindi

Wishing your family, friends, and relatives a happy Ramadan and praying for their good health and life is what everyone wants. As the crescent moon is sighted, Muslims pray for themselves and their family bless life with happiness and elegant their home with warmth.

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  • “खुशिया नसीब हो जन्नत क़रीब हो,
    तू चाहे जिसे वो तेरे क़रीब हो,
    कुछ इस तरह हो करम अल्लाह का,
    मक्का और मदीना की तुझे ज़ियारत नसीब हो”
  • “ज़िन्दगी का हर पल खुशियों से कम ना हो,
    आपका हर दिन ईद के दिन से कम ना हो,
    ऐसा ईद का दिन आप को हमेशा नसीब हो,
    जिसमे कोई दुःख कोई गम पास ना हो…
    ईद मुबारक”
  • “सुबह सुबह उठ के हो जाओ फ्रेश,
    पहनलो आज सबसे अच्छा सा कोई ड्रेस,
    दोस्तों के साथ अब चलो घूमने,
    ईद मुबारक करो सबको जो आए सामने…
    तुमको भी ईद मुबारक

Ramadan Wishes in Hindi 2020

Ramadan Wishes in Hindi

As the Ramadan 2019 begins, there are four weeks of blessings, thirty days of mercy and 720 days of faith in Allah Almighty, 43200 minutes of purification, and 2592000 seconds of guidance. The gates of forgiveness are opened, and gates of sins are closed when the month of Ramadan arrives.

Ramadan Wishes in Hindi 2019

Best Ramadan Wishes 2020

Ramadan most awaited Islamic festivals, has a period of 29 or 30 days, depending on the moon. The Muslims express their happiness by wishing their family, relatives, and friends, Ramadan wishes and greetings, as soon as the month begins. Greetings are very important to show people their importance in your life, wishing them good health, prosperity and good positive life ahead.

  • The blessed month of the year has come.
    It’s the season of Ramadan. Fasting, praying,
    repenting from sins.
    Hoping that Allah shower you and your beloved
    with loads of blessings.
    Happy Mubarak!
  • May this Ramadan reminds you to forgive and forget
    To let go of the past and move forward
    May this give you the courage to start afresh.
    Ramadan Kareem!

May heavenly period lighten the darkness, wash away your burden and comfort the pain which you are suffering. Just repent, worship and pray from Allah about your forgiveness. Let this Ramadan hold you towards the path of prosperity and joy, a life filled with blessings and gifts of love and peace.

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